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New Contour

Centiva has come out with a new line of Contour products and has applied a new PU coating to all existing non-discontinued colors. Take a look at the new colors and order your free samples.

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The healthcare sector is all about patient recovery and comfort. Ecore's RX product improves a healthcare's facility by making more safe, ergonomically comfortable and acoustically pleasing.

Working on a school gymnasium/field house or recreational facility? Check out our Taraflex Sports Floor!

With Schönox your subfloor
could look like this!


In the business realm, innovation is what makes a business successful. We are able to provide a number of innovative designed products to help display success.

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Whether you are designing for high schools or colleges, we have the products that will make it possible to improve the learning environment for students of all ages

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In healthcare there are many factors that go into patient recovery. Flooring can help make a facility feel and look more comfortable and healing. We have a vast amount of products that can help improve any healthcare facility.

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Flooring Solutions Beyond the Expected

Flooring is what we live and breath. With over 45 years in the industry, you can be assured that we provide the necessary expertise that will truly make your project a huge success.

It is so much more than our knowledge of the flooring industry, we strive to go the extra mile for our clients. Whether it is personally delivering samples and products, or being onsite for design/installation questions. We see our clients as more than just business, we see them as a growing friendship.

With our friendships growing within the industry, so has the amount of high quality products we represent. Many times design decisions need to be made quickly, and being able to provide flooring samples quickly helps with that process. We have a warehouse full of samples, so we are able to ship out numerous amounts of samples that can arrive as fast as the next day.

KRS Inc. Office

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Take a look at the high quality LVT, Rubber, Cork, Sports Flooring, Kitchen Safety Flooring, and Entrance Matting we distribute. Feel free to some samples while you are looking!