All AVA® DSGN® patterns are available in glue down, loose lay and Angle/Angle Clic installation systems. Many AVA® DSGN® patterns in all three installation systems are readily available through our USA quick ship program.

Glue Down: the perfect long term flooring solution for heavy traffic areas including areas with heavy rolling loads. With a variety of applications, the glue down system is used in virtually all commercial sectors.

With 24 trendy woods and 8 unique stone designs, the AVA® DSGN® collection is created with the corporate, retail and hospitality sectors in mind.

Loose Lay: simple and easy to install, removable and replaceable, the loose lay construction is the flooring choice for raised access applications as well as fast track and temporary installations.

Angle/Angle Clic Instalation is the latest generation of mechanically locked together vinyl floating flooring. The Angle/Angle Clic system is a simple yet secure fold down locking system. Soft underfoot, less permanent than glue down but a more fixed installation than loose lay, Angle/Angle Clic is the ideal flooring system for many applications.

LVT Formats

Glue Down


Loose Lay

Plank Colors

Glue Down: 6" x 48" | Clic: 7" x 48" | Loose Lay: 9" x 48"

Alpine Oak Ice

Alpine Oak Fog

Alpine Oak Aurora

Alpine Oak Core

Alpine Oak Khaki

Alpine Oak Chestnut

Alpine Oak Spring

Australian Pecan Summer

Australian Pecan Autumn

Australian Pecan Winter

Australian Pecan Winter

Burnished Wood Spice

Burnished Wood Bark

Burnished Wood Coco

Carolina Oak Natural

Carolina Oak Honey

Carolina Oak Golden

Carolina Oak Gunstock

Tuscany Oak Snow

Tuscany Oak Mist

Tuscany Oak Safari

Tuscany Oak Harvest

Tuscany Oak Steel

Tuscany Oak Wenge

Tile Colors

Glue Down: 12" x 24" | Clic: 12" x 24" | Loose Lay: 18" x 36"

Antique Stone Athens

Antique Stone Santorini

Antique Stone Florence

Antique Stone Rome

Petrified Wood Opal

Petrified Wood Beige

Petrified Wood Platinum

Petrified Wood Black



Wear Layer: 20 MIL
Overall Thickness (Glue Down): 2.5MM
Overall Thickness (5G Clic): 5.0MM
Overall Thickness (Loose Lay): 5.0MM
Wood Size (Glue Down): 6" x 48"
Wood Size (5G Clic): 7" x 48"
Wood Size (Loose Lay) 9" x 48"

Stone Size (Glue Down): 12" x 24"
Stone Size (5G Clic): 12" x 24"
Stone Size (Loose Lay): 18" x 36"
Standard Sample:
Glue Down Stone 6" x 6"
Glue Down Wood 6" x 8"