Much like the characteristics of worn leather, this collection presents an aged, time-tested appearance.

An incredibly realistic reproduction of cow hide in natural black, brown and playful pink.

The intricate detail of an oversized fingerprint is brought to life with bright, bold colors inspired by Andy Warhol’s vibrant pop art prints.

This collection has all the brilliance and texture of anodized aluminum. These tiles feature bold colors and a hammer-beaten surface.

This collection of stock images is surprisingly vivid expanding the imagination. The photo-realism of the patterns must be seen to be believed. They will add intrigue and dimension to any space.

Form spectacular decks of oxidized steel plates with these weather-beaten slabs of rusted steel.

Let your imagination run wild with this extensive pallet of bright, vibrant and contemporary colors.

The microscopic, reflective particles embedded in the top layer of these tiles create a marvelous, glittering play of light.

The character and tones of smooth stained concrete adds an urban look to any room. It is available in several subtly refined colors.

This unique pattern of raw, unfinished concrete in large slabs will enrich the design of any space in which you put it. Whether used on the floor or on the wall, these dark and light slabs will look as if they were cast in place.

When laid out on a floor or wall, these squares realistically simulate the look of metal plate. They are expertly embossed and are available in a wide selection of vibrant colors.

The rustic appeal of storm-aged concrete is available in wide planks and rectangles. This collection features colors inspired by concrete blends from around the world.