Contour Series

The Contour Series provides fashion forward flooring with a unique collection of wood, stone and abstract designs. This made in America product is created using state of the art manufacturing technology. A variety of sizes and surface textures allow endless possibilities that will suit any environment.

Event Series

Offering a wide selection of wood and stone patterns, the Event Series provides affordable, natural looking flooring. Stocked for fast turnaround times, these products are extremely durable and easily maintained even in high traffic environments.

Indigenous Earth Collection

Inspired by the “space in between” man-made and nature, the digitally printed Indigenous Earth Collection - comprised of styles GeoGrid, Rust Rings, Solstice and Wildwood - provides a new way of viewing things. It represents a study of the way earth, wind, water and weather affect materials and objects paired with cutting-edge digital print technology.

More Than Wood

Inspired by the beauty of the world around us, Centiva's digital print technology delivers thrilling new possibilities in LVT. Their More Than Wood collection begins with textures developed by nature and transforms them into works of flooring art.

Venue Series

The Venue Series offers a large selection of wood, stone and abstract designs fast! Made in the USA, Venue redefines luxury vinyl tile by combining beautiful design, competitive pricing and quick delivery.

Victory Series

Victory Series is a Solid Vinyl Tile. Vivid color, textural effects and metallic pigments combine to create these signature products in the Victory Series. These tiles are handcrafted in America using a manufacturing process that ensures each one is unique. The Victory Series products combine to create a collection like no other in the industry.

Tandus Centiva’s unique line of LVT flooring products offers a true fit-for-purpose approach to enhance spaces for learning, working, healing and living. With industry-leading product design, unrivaled service and a commitment to environmental and social stewardship, Tandus Centiva provides the ultimate flooring experience for commercial customers.

Tandus Centiva is a global leader in innovative and sustainable solutions for flooring surfaces. Offering a wide range of products Centiva serves customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. Committed to sustainable development, Centiva has implemented an eco-innovation strategy and promotes circular economy.