Offering a wide selection of wood and stone patterns, the Event Series provides affordable, natural looking flooring. Stocked for fast turnaround times, these products are extremely durable and easily maintained even in high traffic environments.

The Event Series luxury vinyl tile from Tandus Centiva now includes 26 new designs. These wood and stone patterns bring the perfect balance to this highly usable product offering.

Event’s new woods — Crafted Plank — deliver to the flooring plane woods ranging in style. The worn wood of a vintage wine barrel and texture of a fallen log exposed to the elements evoke the aesthetic of Crafted Plank. Other timely patterns and colors also complement the series.

Urban Stone reveals the beauty of time-worn concrete that feels both aged and modern. Striate, a linear styled stone, channels textured light and dark bands across the pattern.

Every Event series design offers superior commercial performance with an exceptionally hard-wearing reinforced polyurethane surface treatment and 30 mil wear layer that makes this product one of the most resistant and durable commercial luxury vinyl tile products on the market.