Eco-Grip® is a revolutionary flooring product that is utilized in areas that demand a safe, waterproof, slip-resistant environment. Eco-Grip® has benefits that you will not find in other conventional flooring materials. Have a look and see why so many restaurants, bars, hotels, schools, grocery chains, vet clinics, equestrian facilities and military installations are using Eco-Grip®.

Area's of use: (not exclusive to) Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Veterinary Facilities, Hospitality, Equestrian Facilities, Bars & Breweries, Assisted Living, Agriculture, Automotive, Healthcare, Institutional Facilities, Jails & Prisons, & Manufacturing.

Easy to clean: Eco-Grip® has lower maintenance than any comparable safety flooring. A combination of cohesive fibers and anti-fungal micro-biocide makes Eco-Grip® easy to clean while it also resists grease, animal fats, cooking oils, chemicals, odors, stains, and weather.

Slip resistant and Waterproof: Eco-Grip® is a monolithic waterproof flooring system that has one of the highest coefficients of friction indicating exceptional slip resistance, wet or dry, even after years of use.

Highly durable: Eco-Grip® is virtually indestructible as it is impact and puncture resistant and is designed to withstand the daily abuse of industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

Comfortable: The cushioning aspects of Eco-Grip® floors is a welcome relief that will improve the health and productivity of staff who spend hours on their feet.

Chemical Resistant: Eco-Grip® does not harbor odors or stains and exceeds OSHA and ADA requirements.

Stable performance: Eco-Grip® does not shrink, curl, peel, pull away from walls, or wear out like other less durable safety flooring products.

Warranty: Eco-Grip® provides a 5-year manufacture's warranty with the ability to extend to 10-years by using the Eco-Grip® Floor Cleaning System.


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