Ecore is a company that transforms reclaimed waste into pefromance sufraces that make people's lives better. Strength & Conditioning surfaces are what Ecore's Rubber Sports Flooring does best. Ecore offers surfacing solutions that meet any facility's need.

Bounce 2

Bounce 2 is beautiful flooring option that looks like real wood, but is more economical, durable, can withstand rolling loads from pull out bleacher (foam back product cannot), and easier to clean. Suitable for gyms, fitness, yoga and much more.


Tires are tough, which helps them handle miles of abuse. This same attribute holds true for Everlast Fitness Flooring.


The Performance family of surfaces began to be manufactured and distributed by Ecore in 2014. This family of products offers everything an athletic director or head coach needs to create an ideal training and performance environment for his or her athletes.

Training Ground

Products from the athlete... returning for the athlete. We are dedicated to performance. Our innovative Training Ground with Nike Grind line of surfacing uses Nike Grind to create sustainable flooring solutions that support the ultimate level of athletic training.