Designed for retail, pharmaceutical, banking, and hospitality environments, ECOfit Plus offers a prescription for comfort. The key is the dynamic energy return that forces the user to stay off their heels and on the balls of their feet. ECOfit Plus is available in both glue down rolls and adhesive-free interlocking tiles. By utilizing ECORE's itstru technology to fusion bond the reclaimed rubber wear layer (3.2mm) to a recycled rubber backing (12mm), this single composite, engineered product can be installed in as little as 12 hours. No separate underlayments or additional installation time are required, saving time and money.

ECOfit Plus features ECOguard, a factory-applied maintenance coat that protects the floor from dirt and scuff marks, significantly reducing maintenance and cleaning costs.

Standard Colors

Non-Standard Colors
1200 SF Minimums
Samples will be one of the standard colors for thickness along with a 3.2mm skin for color



Thickness: 15.2mm (3.2mm wearlayer fusion bonded to a 12mm recycled rubber backing)
Standard Sample Size: 6" x 6"
Non-Standard Sample Size: 6" x 6" 3.2mm wear layer (for color) and 6" x 6" Standard Color Sample (for thickness)
Standard Submittal Sample Size: 3" x 3"
Non-Standard Submittal Sample Size: 3" x 3" 3.2mm wear layer (for color) and 3" x 3" Standard Color Sample (for thickness)


Techical Documents