Ecore pioneered the use of reclaimed rubber in commercial applications more than 20 years ago. Versatile, durable and made with reclaimed content, this 4-foot wide rubber flooring is ideal for all commercial environments. Standard in 3.2mm thickness, ECOsurfaces product options include traditional roll goods, square edge tiles, interlocking tiles and in custom thickness options. ECOsurfaces absorbs energy, vibration and noise. The result is a product that has evolved from a novelty of the sustainability movement into a staple in the interior landscape.




Product Thickness: 3.2mm (Standard in all colors), 6mm (Custom) and 8mm (Custom)
Product Formats: Rolls (Standard), 24" x 24" Strait Edge Tiles (Custom) & 23" x 23" Interlocking Tiles (Custom)
Sample Size: 12" x 12" or 6" x 6"
Submittal Size: 3" x 3"


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