This flooring features a dense, textured nylon surface fusion bonded to a 5mm or 12mm base layer. While too abrasive to fall or dive on, Speed & Agility Turf offers a consistent and tight surface that is ideal for footwork drills and sled work. The 5mm backed version coordinates with 8mm rubber products and can withstand light to moderate free weights.

The 12mm backed version simulates pristine, natural turf conditions, while coordinating with Ecore Athletic’s thicker rubber products like Performance Rally. This thicker version of Turf is also available in 23-inch by 46- inch tiles that create a portable/temporary turf system. Available with interlocking transition pieces, this surface combines extreme performance with ease of installation and total portability.




Thickness: 8mm (3mm Turf fusion bonded to 5mm recycled rubber backing), 15mm (3mm Turf fusion bonded to 12mm recycled rubber backing), 15mm Interlocking Tile (3mm Turf fusion bonded to 12mm recycled rubber backing)
Sample Size: 6" x 6"
Submittal Sample Size: 3" x 3"


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Interlocking Tiles