Aqua Block Tile

Unique rigid construction effectively removes and traps dirt and moisture. Rubber-reinforced pattern prevents pile from crushing, extending product life. Anti-slip surface, even when wet.

Berber Tile

Outstanding walk-off performance for multi-directional traffic applications. Easily maintained by vacuuming and periodic extraction. Stain resistant, color fast, and permanently anti-static. Green Label Plus™ Certified.

Calypso Tile

Vibrant, natural color palette offers the appearance of luxury carpet. Mix and match colors to create beautiful borders, fields, and patterns. Dimensionally stable, won’t shrink or curl.

Diagonal Tile

Diagonal rib design scrapes dirt and moisture from all types of footwear. Dimensionally stable; won’t shrink or curl.

Enterprise Tile

Extremely durable, hard wearing tile. Blended fibers provide superior scraping action. Ideal for wall-to-wall applications as well as entrances.

Geo Tile

Geometric pattern offers outstanding cleaning performance by containing dirt and moisture. Rubber-reinforced pattern prevents pile from crushing, extending product life. 

Journey Tile™

Bold regency stripe design for stylish interiors. Dual fiber construction scrapes off dirt and absorbs moisture. Class 1 fire rating. Endless installation pattern options.

Slip Not 2000 Tile

Slip Not 2000 provides a durable solution for the most demanding entryways. Unmatched walk-off performance. Protects against hazardous slips and falls.

Super Nop® 52 Modular Tile

Produced with 100% Asota® solution dyed polypropylene fibers for unbeatable resistance to wear, UV and staining (bleach, salt, permanent ink, coffee, red juice, betadine and more). 

Tire Tile

Environmentally friendly, made from recycled tires. Wheeled traffic moves efficiently across the surface. Traps dirt, absorbs moisture and protects floors. Low maintenance.

Trilogy Tile™

Aggressive scraping cleans footwear to reduce the risk of slips and falls. Durable product ideal for commercial applications. High-end carpet-like appearance creates great first impression.