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Nydree Flooring’s Handcrafted Collection is real wood with the added benefit of acrylic infusion. Nydree's Handcrafted Collection is a nod to the rich history and character of our company namesake horse farm in Albemarle County, Virginia that produced some of the nation’s best thoroughbred horses. The history of the horse farm known for its beauty and strength is paralleled by the beauty and strength of each handcrafted plank of wood flooring. Each plank is touched by one of their expert in-house craftsmen to create an unparalleled look that cannot be matched by high production distressing machinery. The design intent of this product is a subtle naturally worn look that is perfect in any setting from high traffic commercial to a busy home.  Nydree's factory in Karthaus, Pennsylvania proudly employs many second and third generation families who take pride in what they produce. Your specification of Nydree's Handcrafted Collection helps support American manufacturing and the hardworking men and women who are passionate about creating products that withstand the test of time and the demands of high traffic.